How to download a file from an HTTP server given the URL?

Peter Hansen peter at
Thu Jun 17 14:42:02 CEST 2004

J. W. McCall wrote:

> Ok, update: I got it to work downloading to the default temp directory 
> with default temp names using urllib.urlretrieve().  If I try to specify 
> the path and filename, if says that the file doesn't exist.  I don't see 
> why it doesn't just create that file.

Also try to give examples of real code when asking questions like this.
What path and filename, etc?  Show snippets that you typed at the
interactive prompt and cut and paste (not retyped!) directly into the
message.  Also specify your platform and the version of Python you are
using, and any other critical info you can think of.  We're not


** Well, some people here are, but they've already read your mind and
concluded that you will find the answer on your own, given enough time,
so they aren't wasting their valuable time helping you.  Bastards. :-)

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