Python Magazine exists!

Dan wk8l at
Fri Jun 25 16:22:33 EDT 2004

I have to agree with you.  $61.42 is way TOO MUCH money just to access
a website for an online 'zine.
In all fairness, Ithere are some low volume (number or subscribers in
the hundreds to a few thousand) technical journals I subscribe to that
are around $20-$30 a year for quarterly in print journals mailed to me
with little advertising.  I think Pyzine would get more subscribers if
they made their prices more reasonable.


Ognen Duzlevski <maketo at> wrote in message news:> Hi,
> I went to see your magazine and it looks pretty nice. However, you do publish quarterly and in my humble opinion, a 
> yearly subscription of 49 Euros is crazy.
> Ognen

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