ANNEVOLVE Releases its First Graphical/GUI Program

Michael Livsey dotsero at
Thu Jun 3 20:48:55 CEST 2004

VizANN-1.0 is now available from the ANNEvolve team at 
  This program shows the detailed working of a recurrent binary ANN with 
two neurons.  VizANN graphically demonstrates the operational details of 
this type of ANN (Artificial Neural Network).  There are two neurons in 
the VizANN display, and weight sets are supplied that allow it to 
perform the XOR function.  Other weight sets can be entered into the 
diagram and their effect will be shown.

VizANN is written in Python and it runs on all the Windows and Linux 
variants. The Python interpreter is a free download from 
  Much more information, and all source code for VizANN is included in 
the downloadable files at:

Comments and questions about VizANN may be posted on the ANNEvolve 
mailing list by sending email to annevolve-devel at 
You may post without subscribing, but anyone may subscribe to this 
mailing list. The list archives may be viewed at:

The ANNEvolve team is experimenting with the Evolution of Artificial 
Neural Networks (ANNs). They are combining the two fields of 
Evolutionary Computation and Artificial Neural Networks. Find out more 
about other ANN evolution programs at the Annevolve project at:

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