Python COM and Microsoft Word

Adrian Smith skepsis at
Sun Jun 6 22:12:37 CEST 2004

   When doing a MakePy in Pythonwin of Microsoft Word 2000 there are a
lot of functions that are missing from the type Library. If you look
in the VB Script Editor from Word, you get a long list of functions
including say 'Word.Cell' or even a 'Word.Table' but these do not
appear in The COM explorer of Pythonwin if you try to use them they do
not exist. Others do exist like 'Word.Selection' There are also a
large number of lines in the COM browser in Pythonwin that say
"The type info can not be loaded!"

    Can anyone tell me how to get these working, please.

I use windows 2K, python 2.3.2 and pythonwin. I was following the
Python COM chapters in the "Python Programming on Win 32" book using
Makepy and win32com.client.Dispatch("Word.Application").


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