Easiest way to port Python program to PDA

Fred Pacquier xnews2 at fredp.lautre.net
Fri Jun 18 17:21:50 CEST 2004

Jeffrey Barish <jeffbarish at starband.net> said :

> I have been developing a Python program with two intercommunicating
> (using sockets) parts, one of which runs on a desktop and the other on
> a PDA.  For ease of development, I developed them both on a desktop. 
> Now that I have them working on the desktop, I need to move the part
> destined for a PDA to a PDA.  I had originally planned to use a Sharp
> Zaurus because it runs Linux (the OS of my desktop system) and I had
> found a Python port that was supposed to be available for that platform
> (Riverbank Computing).  Unfortunately, Riverbank Computing just
> discontinued their port.

Damn, that's bad news ! Even worse, they were AFAIK the only ones 
providing PyQT for the Zaurus, and that's gone too. I wonder what led 
them to this (maybe someone left ?). It's very recent too, as I remember 
checking their site not long ago.

Anyway, if you're interested, I do have their 2.3.3 package for the 
Zaurus at home (and maybe PyQT), so just ask. It may be orphaned just now 
but it works quite well (I chose my PDA specifically so that it runs 
python too ;-).

>  They refer interested parties to another port
> (http://www.vanille.de/projects/python.spy), but that site has no code
> to download and does not respond to queries.  

You didn't look close enough ;-)
Admittedly it's easy to miss, but the downloads are there all right : 
under the "links" section at the bottom of the page there are two 
"feeds" depending on you gcc (glibc) version, they lead to all the 
relevant "ipk" files.

As for queries, the author is active as MickeyL on the Zaurus User Group 
forums (http://www.zaurususergroup.com/), it may be easier to reach him 

> Accordingly, I have to
> conclude that there is no Python port available for the Zaurus so I am
> back to square 1.

Fortunately for us, that conclusion is wrong ;-)

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