How to download a file from an HTTP server given the URL?

Peter Hansen peter at
Mon Jun 21 07:45:57 CEST 2004

Sylvain Hellegouarch wrote:

> Hi Peter,
> You are right. But why being so rude?

"Rude" by what definition?  If you mean I was being "uncivil",
I disagree.  If you mean my reply was "unpolished" or "coarse"
(maybe "blunt"?), then I can't argue with that.  But you
wouldn't have posted if you thought I had merely not taken
the time to prepare a more refined wording for delicate
ears, so you must have meant something like "uncivil".

So I was not being rude.  I was being helpful, in a blunt way.
I said nothing offensive, or at least not intentionally.
I asked the OP to give more info, and I added a bit of
coarse humour as well.  Perhaps you were looking for offense where
none was intended...

> Have you never been a newbie somewhere asking dumb question badly?

No doubt, a long time ago, but it makes no difference to whether
or not I try to help people help themselves.  By showing some
newbies how to ask better questions, I not only help them, but I
reduce the burden on those of us who try to provide support in this

> I don't understand that...

Re-read my posting without looking for offense, and maybe you
will.  (Note: nothing in _this_ posting was intended to offend
either.  Just for reference.)


> - Sylvain
> Peter Hansen wrote:
>> J. W. McCall wrote:
>>> Ok, update: I got it to work downloading to the default temp 
>>> directory with default temp names using urllib.urlretrieve().  If I 
>>> try to specify the path and filename, if says that the file doesn't 
>>> exist.  I don't see why it doesn't just create that file.
>> Also try to give examples of real code when asking questions like this.
>> What path and filename, etc?  Show snippets that you typed at the
>> interactive prompt and cut and paste (not retyped!) directly into the
>> message.  Also specify your platform and the version of Python you are
>> using, and any other critical info you can think of.  We're not
>> mind-readers**.
>> -Peter
>> ** Well, some people here are, but they've already read your mind and
>> concluded that you will find the answer on your own, given enough time,
>> so they aren't wasting their valuable time helping you.  Bastards. :-)

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