division bug?

Duncan Booth me at privacy.net
Wed Jun 9 17:06:42 CEST 2004

milanmor at yahoo.com (Milan) wrote in 
news:964246.0406090655.7e190def at posting.google.com:

> a program:
> a=10
> b=5
> print a/b
> and its result: 0. If you run the program, you see always a sero (0),
> but 10/5 is 2. Who can help me?

I don't know who can help you, but this is a Python newsgroup and if you 
try your program in Python it prints 2, so perhaps you are using some other 

>>> a=10
>>> b=5
>>> print a/b

If you are using Python, try cutting and pasting the exact code and the 
problem you think you see, and we can try to help you from there.

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