Another MSIE Python Question

Ralph A. Gable r.gable at
Sun Jun 20 15:28:55 CEST 2004

I have dropped the .1. I don't even get to the point where I CAN set
.Visible=1 since it crashes before it brings up msie.

I guess I wasn't clear enough in the original message. What I want to
do is be able to bring up an instance of msie (and NOT make if
visible) that python can use and that will not be seen by the user,
i.e. I want all the operations I am performing with msie to be hidden
from the user so said user can go about his/her business and never
know anything is going on. In the case of Word/Excel I can do that
with no problem. I just don't set .Visible to 1 but when trying to use
msie (with python) I can't do it unless I already have an instance of
msie running BEFORE I run the code cited below.

Peter Hansen <peter at> wrote in message news:<PMCdnWtTvcmYmEjdRVn-vg at>...
> Ralph A. Gable wrote:
> [traceback snipped]
> So what if you drop the '.1' from the end of the AppId, and
> also make sure you have the "ie.Visible = 1" in there?
> Can you upgrade to the latest versions of Python and pywin32
> as well?  I notice you are using 2.2 still...
> (No idea if any of these things will help... I'm spending a
> lot of time struggling with COM right now as well, though
> with troubles in entirely different areas.)
> -Peter

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