simple script to read and output Mailbox body to file.

William Park opengeometry at
Mon Jun 7 19:19:26 CEST 2004

Chuck Amadi <chuck at> wrote:
> Sorry to bovver you again (again) here's script.
> I still can't see why the get_payload() doesn't produce 
> the plain text message body of an emails in the testwwws users mailbox.
> As you can see I have tried a few things but no joy what am I missing.
> Is the another snippet in relation to get_payload to access the body
> contents print and process to a file.

You still haven't answered central questions.  
    - Do you want email bodies in separate files, or all email bodies in
      one file?
    - Do you want to collect these email bodies as they come in, or
      periodically from a 'mbox' file?

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