Interfacing Python crypto library

Gandalf gandalf at
Tue Jun 15 13:37:40 CEST 2004

  Hi All!

I have an interesting problem here. I have written a Delphi program that 
should connect to a server written in Python. I'm using a package called 
DCP for encryption in Delphi and the well known pycrypto library in Python.

Delphi lib: {* DCPcrypt v2.0 written by David Barton 
(crypto at **********}
Python lib:

For example, the SHA1 algorithm of DCPCrypt and Python seems to be 
binary compatible. I want to use a symmetric cipher in CFB (8 bit) mode. 
Using the same key, cipher type (Blowfish) and the same plaintext, these 
libraries return different ciphertext values. Is there a way to make 
them binary compatible? I do not insist on these two libraries. If 
somebody can tell me two libraries that can work together with Delphi 
and Python that will be perfect. I would be satisfied with a stand-alone 
cipher too. The main point here is that my Delphi program will be a 
native windows application. I do not want to install Python and I do not 
want to use Python4Delphi on the client machines. Any ideas welcome.


   Laszlo Nagy

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