Persisting Dynamic Objects?

Chris S. chrisks at
Sun Jun 27 13:39:43 CEST 2004

Miki Tebeka wrote:

> Hello Chris,
>>Out of a somewhat academic interest, I've created a rudimentary module 
>>for persisting dynamically created objects and data structures in plain 
>>Python source code. Presently, it's a little under a thousand lines of 
>>code. It's still a work in progress and has several limitations but it 
>>is producing results. Is there any interest for me to clean it up and 
>>publicly release it?
> Can you say why does it differ/better from pickle?
> Bye.

That's a good question. And it's not necessarily better than Pickle in 
all cases. However, one obvious advantage it has is that it saves data 
in a human readable format, Python source code. My primary reason for 
writing this is for AI code generating applications. It's easier to see 
what's generated if it's stored as plaintext.

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