Python Wiki & wiki Hosting?

Eric S. Johansson esj at
Tue Jun 8 02:59:21 CEST 2004

A. Lloyd Flanagan wrote:

 > While I like your suggestion for better editing, I've got to point out
> that I think your real problem was that the pages "became quite
> large".  It would be much more "wiki-correct" to make a larger number
> of small pages, with many links between them.  Easier to use _and_
> maintain.

Thank you for raising that point.  What you are describing is a higher level of operation above just formatting text and its presentation.  so question now becomes how do you make these meta operations of partitioning and showing connectedness visible and *easy to do right*?

I believe the pages grew large (and large in my definition is over 1k characters given the crippled nature of text areas)because people want to keep connectedness between different components visible and there was no easy way to do this.  For example, a list of product requirements tends to grow and really is an atomic element.  how would you split that and partition information in a way that is useful to someone who doesn't already know what's there.

This is getting rather far afield from Python and related topics so I would not be offended if folks want to drop it or take it to private e-mail.


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