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David Fraser wrote:
> Sridhar R wrote:
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>>>Hi all,
>>>I feel its a real pain to install wxPython from sources it goes back to install gtk+ etc . may be thats why its not yet become defacto GUI standard for python.
>>>but i'd like to know if anyone has made it easy with an installer for wxPython on linux (Debian woody)? 
>> Well, if your app. is target mainly to the UNIX platform, then you may
>> want to try PyGTK - http://www.pygtk.org (basically wxPython is just
>> another layer over GTK).  GTK port is available for win and mac also
>> (look at gimp for eg.) - also see http://gtk-wimp.sf.net.
>> still, wxPython is better for apps to be run on win,mac and unix, but
>> gtk+ is catching very close.
> The important difference is that wxWindows and wxPython are designed to 
> use real native widgets as much as possible, whereas gtk-wimp is 
> basically trying to use theming to make GTK widgets look like Windows 
> widgets.

The difference is the number of layers on the different platforms:

Under Un*x:
  wxPython --> wxWidgets --> GTK --> Xlib
   -- or --
  PyGTK --> GTK --> Xlib
   -- or --
  PyQt --> Qt --> Xlib

Under Windows:
  wxPython --> wxWidgets --> Native Windows Controls
   -- or --
  PyGTK --> GTK --> Wimp --> Native Windows Controls


Wenn eine Linuxdistribution so wenig brauchbare Software wie Windows
mitbrächte, wäre das bedauerlich.  Was bei Windows der Umfang eines
"kompletten Betriebssystems" ist, nennt man bei Linux eine Rescuedisk.
  -- David Kastrup in de.comp.os.unix.linux.misc

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