does python have useless destructors?

Humpty Dumpty oliver.schoenborn at
Sun Jun 13 02:18:07 CEST 2004

"Isaac To" <kkto at> wrote in message
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> Unluckily, currently there is no concept of "local scoped objects" in
> Python.  What it means is that a variable can be local, but an object
> cannot.  An object in Python is always heap allocated, so there is no way
> know that whether an object has a reference staying outside the current
> scope when the current scope exits---short of dictating how the garbage
> collector works (i.e., it must count reference).  I think the primary
> developer in Python has already completely rejected the very idea,
> because it is impractical to implement in Jython.

I have been hearing a lot of reference to Jython. This is yet another
example how coupling languages can stifle their progress: C++ is stifled by
its need for compatilibity with C, now clearly Python is becoming stifled by
a need for compatibility with Jython.

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