Python Wiki & wiki Hosting?

Eric @ Zomething eric at
Sat Jun 5 21:52:56 CEST 2004

Greetings Comrades, Pythonistas!

I am looking for guidance on the quick and easiest path to set up a Python wiki.

A wiki application idea popped into my head while I was making morning coffee.  It's not what I should be thinking about, but I hate to let an interesting idea die an unexplored death.  One of the aspects of Python I am enamored with is the ease with which I can explore a idea without overplanning and committing to it (during which process I would likely find such ideas below a threshold priority level).  Python encourages me to explore potential innovation, and hare-brain ideas.  Perhaps mostly the latter, but it is fun which Python's ease of use gives me license to.  :-)

Thus I am looking for a wiki I can set-up on someone else's host with low effort analogous to launching the Python interpreter.

Can anyone recommend an approach from their experience or knowledge?

I believe I've thoroughly done the 'python wiki' Google in the past and wound up lost in readme.txt hell.

Where would I host a Python wiki? - I assume I need more host control than simple FTP access.  Do I need my own server or 'server instance'?

Oh, jeez, I wanted to make this a simple project to start, but should I write a standalone server/wiki?

[No, non, no!  What is the quick and easiest path to set up a Python wiki?]

Eric Pederson
'''wanting to get wik'ed, easy'''

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