Choosing Perl/Python for my particular niche

Fred Ma fma at
Sun Mar 28 06:48:39 CEST 2004

Petri wrote:
> In article <40652B0D.7C313F77 at>, Fred Ma says...
> > One thing I expect to have to do is to modify design
> > files.  For example, there is a tool which takes ASCII
> > hardware desscription language (HDL) and converts it
> > to a C++ (augmented by hardware simulation library).
> > The translator is freeware, so has limitations which I
> > have to make up for by tweaking the HDL code.
> The translator, is it doing the Verilog stuff you mention later in the thread?
> Why not check if you can't replace the translator altogether with an existing
> Perl module:
> Well, I know nothing about your problem area, but it's a tip in case you hadn't
> thought about checking CPAN.
> Petri

Actually, I was spending much of last week installing many
of those tools!  The translater (verilator) is Perl-based,
written by Wilson Snyder (author of many of those tools)
and relies on many of those tools.  But thanks for the tip...


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