A 'Python like' language

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Fri Mar 26 19:47:46 CET 2004

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> On Fri, 26 Mar 2004 16:42:54 +0000, Peter Hickman
> <peter at semantico.com> wrote:
> >Well after all this discussion it would appear that a 'Python like'
> >language has appeared => Prothon. http://www.prothon.org/index.html
> >
> >Very alpha, sort of like Python (if you consider the indenting is what
> >makes Python unique) and sort of Ruby in its use of prefixes to define
> >scoping etc (although there is no reference to this trait being borrowed
> >from Ruby). It also quotes Self as being an influence.
> Very interesting ...

Yes, especially since they didn't learn their lessons about
tab as an indentation character. That means that I can't send
a Prothon program (or snippet from one) using Outlook
Express, which automaticlly strips tabs from the front of
lines, thus destroying the indentation.

An interesting language that has just dropped off of
my radar screen as being unusable in my environment.

John Roth

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