PEP 328: Imports: Multi-Line and Absolute/Relative

Bernhard Herzog bh at
Mon Mar 15 12:26:54 CET 2004

and-google at (Andrew Clover) writes:

>> A package writer does know which external modules/packages he needs
>> and can avoid to use the name of one of these modules for his
>> own modules.
> But it's not just used in packages, where the filenames of sibling
> modules are known. There may be scripts in directories with many
> unrelated files, for which relative importing would be highly
> undesirable (or even, in a directory where someone other than the
> owner has write-access, a possible security risk).

That's a completely different issue.  The pep is about relative imports
in a package.  The problem you describe comes from Python inserting the
directory containing the script to sys.path.


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