monitoring a directory

Tim Golden tim.golden at
Mon Mar 29 09:42:07 CEST 2004

MG> Note that ReadDirectoryChangesW is available only 
MG> on the NT platforms (XP, 2000, NT4, NT3.51 SP3). 
MG> If you need portability to Win95/98/Me, you'll need
MG> to fall back to FindFirstChangeNotification as the 
MG> cookbook recipe uses.

Good point. I'm afraid that as we're up to Win2k+ here
almost across the board, I've tended to stop checking 
platform-specific stuff as closely as I used to when 
we were supporting large amounts of Win9x. Sorry.

I've added a page to my own site outlining the different
techniques, and I'll add something to it warning about
Windows version dependencies.

MG> Does win32file.ReadDirectoryChangesW provide a way to tell if 
MG> it's availableor not?

I'm not in a position to test at the moment, but as far as I
recall the pywin32 code in general does do a check for whether
a function is available before it builds it in. Haven't checked.


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