OFF-TOPIC:: Why Lisp is not my favorite programming language

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Mon Mar 22 17:27:39 CET 2004

Program a game - it's fun for a 13year old. And games are made with GLBasic

Gernot Frisch.

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> On Wed, 10 Mar 2004 04:03:09 GMT, "Bootstrap Bill"
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> >I was 15 when I got my first computer, a 4k TRS-80 Model I with Level I
> >BASIC, cassette tape for storage. It was several years before I could
> >a system with a floppy drive, let alone a hard drive.. I spent nearly all
> >free time for months teaching myself BASIC programing, mostly trial and
> >error. The book that came with my Model I was a great introduction to
> >programming.
> Those were the days ^.^
> >My 13 year old niece wants to learn programming. What's the best
> >introductory language for her?
> I'd recommend Python as a good introductory language - easy,
> intuitive, but definitely not dumbed down.
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