is perl better?

Christian Tismer tismer at
Sat Mar 6 02:02:29 CET 2004

Terry Reedy wrote:


> Besides trying Hansen's idea of popen instead of systen() (or vice versa),
> 3 ideas:
> 1. Write minimal Perl program to make call, and call that from Python ;-)

Haahaahaa good joke. More of this, please :)

> 2. Rewrite Java program to input long list from file instead of command
> line, if such is possible (I have no idea) and if you can write Java or get
> someone who does (no idea of that either).

Constructive approach, although...

> 3. Read win perl source to determine what system calls it is using and then
> use Hammond's PyWin extensions to do same from Python.

Well, I never claimed that Python is always better than Perl.
There are cases where Perl is really better than Python.
This might be such a case, and I don't mind.
There are many cases where Fortran is better than Python,
which don't turn me into a Fortran user.

Years ago I claimed:
Python is the second best computer language in the world.
The best has just to be developed.

Meanwhile I know what the best will be.
No need to tell everybody that this will be PyPy.
Same language, but at machine speed, and with almost no
dependency of clumsy system libraries.

next-time-we'll-do-that-with-perl - ly y'rs -- chris
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