Choosing Perl/Python for my particular niche

Petri Petri_member at
Sun Mar 28 01:47:09 CET 2004

In article <40652B0D.7C313F77 at>, Fred Ma says...
> One thing I expect to have to do is to modify design
> files.  For example, there is a tool which takes ASCII
> hardware desscription language (HDL) and converts it
> to a C++ (augmented by hardware simulation library).
> The translator is freeware, so has limitations which I
> have to make up for by tweaking the HDL code.

The translator, is it doing the Verilog stuff you mention later in the thread?
Why not check if you can't replace the translator altogether with an existing
Perl module:

Well, I know nothing about your problem area, but it's a tip in case you hadn't
thought about checking CPAN.


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