GUI Frameworks in Python?

Peter Hansen peter at
Tue Mar 30 15:55:25 CEST 2004

Greg Krohn wrote:

> Peter Hansen wrote:
>> ...
>> I don't understand this, though it's been mentioned before.
>> On my machine, launching the wxPython Demo app takes roughly 0 seconds
>> before the splash screen appears, and I can immediately click on it
>> and get the app itself, for a total launch time of: immeasurably fast.
> On my machine (WinXP Pro, AMD 2400, 512MB) it takes a little over three 
> seconds before the splash shows and maybe another two seconds for the 
> main frame to show. It takes a little over a second to load IDLE.

The first time I launched IDLE, it took almost three seconds.  (I don't
have the Python installer compile .py files ahead of time.)  After that
it takes about one second as well.

I'm curious about the differences with wxPython.  Three seconds seems
unusually long when on a slightly slower machine I can do it in well
under a second.  Was that the first time you ran it?  Many other apps
open?  I have over 256MB RAM free when I try this...


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