MVC-type Framework in Python

F. GEIGER fgeiger at
Thu Mar 4 08:04:09 CET 2004

I never felt comfortable with MVC. Since I read Holub's articles on
JavaWorld, I know how to do it *much* better. And to implement the concepts
shown there in Python is a breeze.


P.S.: Don't have the URLs handy right now. Tell me if you can't find the
stuff. I'll then look for the URLs.

"Andreas Pauley" <python-list at> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
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> Hi,
> I'm interested in finding a nice way to develop applications that have
> their business logic separated from the user interface (among other
> things). This should enable easier maintenance, more flexibility and
> (ideally) less development time for the app.
> I've recently read about the Model-View-Controller design framework
> (originally used in SmallTalk applications, or so it seems).
> What python-specific tools/frameworks would you recommend that can be used
> to implement MVC, or something similar (or perhaps better) than MVC?
> I'm looking for something that can help build
> interface-independent applications, with all logic in a central place.
> There would typically be a GUI interface, character interface and
> web-based interface, all accessing the same python logic.
> The interfaces need not be python-specific. I would like, for example, to
> have an existing PHP website access the same logic.
> Another thing that would be nice is centralized validation.
> If you change your validation rules in one place, the interfaces get to
> know that without you having to change code on the interface.
> Is it feasible to have python extract validation rules from the database
> (e.g. a varchar(20) field) and pass that through to a gui interface that
> would limit the amount of characters entered to 20? If you then change the
> database field to a varchar(30), the change should be
> detected without having to change any other code.
> At the moment I'm just researching all of the different options for
> designing/implementing applications (typically multi-user database-driven
> apps), so I would appreciate any ideas. I assume some ideas have proven
> themselves more feasible in production environments than others.
> Regards,
> Andreas.

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