Extending Python Syntax with @

Erik Max Francis max at alcyone.com
Thu Mar 11 02:08:36 CET 2004

Ivan Voras wrote:

> David MacQuigg wrote:
> > syntax.  Seems like we could put the @ symbol to good use in these
> > situations.  Examples:
> No, don't do that!! I hate perl precisley because of littering the
> code
> with 'special characters'! The beauty of python code as it is, is that
> it reads like a book, with punctuation to help the reader, rather than
> the typesetter.

Further, @ and $ are already used by some Python meta-applications in
order to signal embedding Python code in something else, since these
symbols are not used in Python itself.  Templating systems often rely on
such symbols not being in the language and staying out.

But the Perlification of Python is the most relevant objection here.

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