Tkinter: how to refresh a canvas without duplicates?

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Sun Mar 14 12:32:57 CET 2004

"stewart" wrote:

> > if you need to rapidly redraw things in a Tkinter widget, the WCK is
> > often a lot more efficient:
> >
> >
> I've tried to install this, but when I run 'python install', it
> complains that it "cannot find /usr/lib/python/2.3/config/Makefile".  Why
> would this be?

looks like you're using a prepackaged Python that doesn't include the
developer files (include files, libraries, etc).

look for "python-dev" or "python-devel" kits (or get the python sources,
and build your own interpreter from scratch).

also see:


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