Britney Spears nude

RPM1 rpm1deleteme at
Tue Mar 30 03:19:07 CEST 2004

"Garry Knight"  wrote in  ...
> In message <c4aeen$2fp91b$1 at>, RPM1 wrote:
> > My wife , (yes my wife not me), was watching
> > a program on TV about this girl who was having
> > plastic surgery to look just like B. Spears.  It seems
> > she hadn't inherited the same kind of attributes that
> > the base class has so she was having them overridden
> > to match the base class.  So my question is which
> > instance of B. spears are we talking about?
> Don't know, but it explains the single title, 'OOPs, I did it again'...

Damn!  How did I miss that one!
I think that must be worth 25 points.  :-)  LOL


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