Twisted/Woven threading?

Bob Ippolito bob at
Mon Mar 1 03:40:43 CET 2004

On 2004-02-29 20:07:04 -0500, Ivan Voras <ivoras at> said:

> I've experimented with a simple web application made with woven and 
> stated by twistd from a .tap file, on a Win32. It seems that the web 
> server started that way is not multitasked/multithreaded and that one 
> request that requires long processing (e.g. a factory that produces a 
> long result fetched from a database) makes the server totaly 
> unresponsive.
> Is that normal? What can I do to make it multithreaded?

You're probably using DBAPI stuff directly, you can't do that, it's 
blocking.  You need to do that work in a separate thread, the easiest 
way is probably with twisted.enterprise.  There are tutorials and such 
about this, and a better place to ask is the Twisted mailing list(s).


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