xmlrpclib timeouts

Graham Dumpleton grahamd at dscpl.com.au
Wed Mar 3 06:53:48 CET 2004

p2esp <p2esp at yahoo.com> wrote in message news:<mailman.19.1078223070.12614.python-list at python.org>...
> Hello,
> I'm using the xmlrpclib module to contact an XMLRPC
> server that takes a long time to send results back. My
> client timeouts.
> The question is whether there is a way to have an
> xmlrpclib client that never timeouts. I have been
> searching for some code examples on how to do that,
> but I could not find any in the xmlrpclib
> documentation.
> Thanks for any hints.

Hmm, I always thought that the XML-RPC client in the xmlrpclib
module was written already to do exactly that. Ie., it will block
until it gets a response. There is no timeout functionality within

Is the server you are talking to within your own network, or are you
going through some sort of HTTP proxy either explicitly or 
implicitly, or even some sort of router equipment that does special
things with HTTP requests. HTTP proxies often have timeouts
such that if a request takes too long to get back a response, it
will drop the connection. In other words, the problem may not be
with the XML-RPC client but some part of the intermediate network.

Also, what is the XML-RPC server written in? Could it perhaps be
dropping the connection if the server side code takes too long?

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