Python bytecode compatibility between interpreter versions

Jon Perez jbperez808 at
Sun Mar 21 15:41:39 CET 2004

Joe Mason wrote:

>>Right.  I am aware that freezing is the optimal way to distribute
>>apps written in Python today.  After trying out Java though, I have
>>to say I'm impressed with the way you can take a bunch of class
>>files archived in the exact same jarfile to *ANY* computer with a
>>JRE installed, type in java -jar jarfile and have it run _identically_.
> Spoken like a man who hasn't used much Java.
> Joe

If you're speaking from experience, then I'd be interested to
hear exactly what it is you've encountered that leads you to
this view of Java.  My experience so far has been contrary to

Automatically assuming that the reason others don't happen to
share your view is due to their lack of experience, just shows
that you are full of conceit.

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