Need Help Using py2exe

kschnee at kschnee at
Tue Mar 23 08:23:11 CET 2004

[Sorry if this is a duplicate message.]

Hi. I've got a neat artificial intelligence project I want to distribute
as an EXE. I'm using Python, Pygame, and Numeric. My problem is: When I
use py2exe, I'm told "The following modules appear to be missing: AppKit,
Foundation, dotblas, objc." And then my EXE crashes with a "segmentation
fault." I tried the command:

python py2exe --ignores [those modules]

It then compiles w/o complaint, but the EXE still crashes. The is
very simple:

from distutils.core import setup
import py2exe

What do I need to do to make my program into a working EXE?

Thanks for any help.


PS. The line that triggers the seg. fault is one that loads a font for
rendering with pygame.font. I *was* able to build a working EXE of a
simpler program that "imports" nothing but the string module and does only
text and data-structure manipulation, no graphics.

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