Python 2.3.2 spawn problem

Jim Tanner james.g.tanner at
Thu Mar 11 03:01:16 CET 2004

"Jim Tanner" <james.g.tanner at> wrote in message
news:HuDnKL.HAz at
> I am trying to start the 2.3.3 IDL and getting an error.  I think I might
> have a dll conflict, but the 2.2.3 IDL works fine.  The 2.3.3 IDL used to
> work just fine.
I finally tracked this error to a conflict with the TCL/TK library version
installed by Ruby having previously installed Python 2.3.2.  Python 2.3.2 is
dependent on a TCL/TK version that is one release older than that required
by Ruby.

Uninstalling Ruby and Python 2.3.2 and reinstalling Python 2.3.2 seems to
have done the trick.

I will have to run some controlled experiments to see if Ruby can run with
the same TCL/TK version as Python 2.3.2.

Thanks again for those of you who responded with suggestions.

Jim Tanner

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