A 'Python like' language

Andrew Henshaw andrew.henshaw at gtri.gatech.edu
Mon Mar 29 02:40:09 CEST 2004

Michele Simionato wrote:

> David MacQuigg <dmq at gain.com> wrote in message
> news:<mn8b605pa1s3hjjp7edqrbvlphc8sligai at 4ax.com>...
>> This is a small problem with a simple solution (see my earlier post),
>> and one that will retain the advantages of tabs.
> Just to be clear, the previous one was a rethorical question. Use any
> editor
> with decent Python support and pressing the tab key will insert four
> spaces,
> indenting your code just fine. Even if you are using Notepad on
> Windows, it is
> best if you use spaces, otherwise you risk to be beaten by Outlook
> Express the Tabs Eater.
> Plus, the size of a tab (8 spaces? 4 spaces?) and the output you get
> is totally dependent on the system you are using. Seriously, even
> doing an effort I cannot imagine a single advantage of tabs. Tabs are
> evil.

Normally, I also prefer spaces over tabs; but, when I was doing a bit of
Python editing on my Zaurus (with it's limited screenwidth), I *really*
appreciated the ability to edit with a tabsize of two spaces.  When I moved
the code back to my desktop, I was able to view the code using my normal
four-space preference, with no changes to the code.

> They are an historical wart, they should just be banned from modern
> computing.
>                 Michele Simionato


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