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Fri Mar 5 03:53:18 CET 2004

François Pinard <pinard at> wrote in message news:<mailman.15.1078414811.24397.python-list at>...
> > > I have a bunch of questions about using python scripting in vim and
> > > about editing python with vim.
> > Thanks for all of the answers to the second question, but what about
> > vim scripting with python? I can not find *anything* about it (no
> > docs, books or tutorials)
> Just do:
>    :h python

Thanks, but that is more like a very abbreviated tutorial. Where can I
can the real documentation? It seems like the python built into vim is
different. For example, doing

:py import sys
:py dir(sys)

produces no output. Odd. Same with

:py import vim
:py dir(vim)

Anyway, I want the real documentation for the "vim" module accessible
from vim. What classes, functions, values are defined there, etc

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