J2EE/EJB and Python

Silvana Di Martino silvanadimartino at tin.it
Sun Mar 21 11:56:07 CET 2004

My group recently received its first request for the the development of a 
really large and complex enterprise-level application, the kind of app that 
would require the use of tools like Enterprise Java Beans and J2EE (it is 
something very similar to the "Titan Cruise" example supplied by Richard 
Monson Haefel in his fine book "Enetrprise JavaBeans", for the people who 
read it).

Of course, being all Pythonists, we wonder if there was any 
project/architecture/technology like EJB and J2EE in/for Python.

We are aware of JBoss (http://www.jboss.org , 
http://sourceforge.net/projects/jboss) and of JOnAS 
(http://jonas.objectweb.org/) so we are not concerned about the availability 
of standard-compliant, high-quality, J2EE open-source implementations. Also, 
we are aware of the fact that we can use Python and JPython together with 
J2EE and EJB. We just wonder if the development of anything like J2EE and EJB 
has ever been attempted by the Python community. 

Looking around, I found a few Application Servers (like "Crusader": 
http://www.movatis.com/crusader), Transaction Servers and Distributed Object 
Technology systems (like "PyRO": http://sourceforge.net/projects/pyro) that 
vaguely resemble to parts of J2EE so I think it is not impossible that a 
Python-based J2EE competitor/equivalent has ever been planned.

Does anybody know of anything like that? Any web link?

(We will greatly appreciate any URL of Python tools or technologies that can 
be used for the development of complex, multi-tier, business applications, as 

Many thanks for you attention.

Alessandro Bottoni
alessandrobottoni at interfree.it

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