Need a Progress Bar/Meter for Tkinter

benjamin schollnick bscholln at
Fri Mar 5 00:59:58 CET 2004


   I am really not having much luck...

   I thought the ContriD addon for Python MegaWidgets had a progress
bar, but can't find the site any more...  (It's been a long time since
I did any Tkinter GUI work...)

   So far, I have had no luck with METER from TIX...  Tix on Windows
2000 seems to be far from a suitable system.  It is complaining that
the TIX8183.dll can not be loaded....

   So far, I have also examined EASYGUI, and a few others and have not
been able to find a simple Progress bar.

   Can anyone point me towards a working Tkinter based progress bar?

         - Benjamin

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