using MySQLdb module

Gerhard Häring gh at
Thu Mar 25 10:42:32 CET 2004

vincent Salaun wrote:
> thanks for your response, i'm using zxJDBC 
> ( now and it works very well :)
> Now i realize that some modules only work with "traditional" python as 
> you said ....  i'd like to know what are these modules which only work 
> with python.

Please reply to the mailing list/newsgroup next time instead of emailing 
me directly ;-)

Any modules that use the C interface of Python, i. e. which have parts 
written in C, not in Python won't work with Jython. That would include 
all database interfaces and operating system specific stuff.

> Most of the standard python modules have been adapted to jython, no ?


-- Gerhard

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