Why Python?

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Mon Mar 1 04:27:17 CET 2004

Well, I'm new at it (started about 2 months ago in preparation for senior
design project), and the one thing I've seen that could be better is overall
documentation;  sometimes it is hard to find what you're looking for
(especially in libraries like Tkinter for GUI programming and Twisted for
network programming).  It's possible, just hard.

The good things I've noticed?  Well, to do what I've done so far in Java
would have taken at least 5 and probably more like 10 times the code I've
written.  A simple yet decent TCP chat server in about 30 lines of code is
something I never considered possible before looking at Python.

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> I am looking at learning Python, but I would like to know what its
> strengths and weaknesses are before I invest much time in learning it.  My
> first thought is what is it good for programming, however I expect an
> answer from the python newsgroup to be something like "everything".  So
> maybe a better question is what type of programming projects is Python a
> bad choice?
> What makes it better or worse than languages like perl, php, delphi, or
> c++?
> Thanks for your opinions.
> Todd.

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