Replace accented chars with unaccented ones

Fuzzyman michael at
Tue Mar 16 12:17:02 CET 2004

Nicolas Bouillon <bouil at> wrote in message news:<EWx5c.30346$zm5.12052 at>...
> Thank you both for your answer. They works well both very good.
> First, i believe i doesn't work, because the error i've made is to 
> forgot the "u" for string : u"é". Because my file was already utf-8 
> encoded (# -*- coding: UTF-8 -*-), i thinks the "u" is not necessary... 
> i was wrong.
> Bye.

The 'utils1' package includes a file called charmap which is a
function to map to ascii....... Originally comes from a 'python
snippet' on sourceforge I believe....



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