Python Documentation Blows!

Adam T. Gautier adam_gautier at
Tue Mar 30 18:02:57 CEST 2004

OK, First off I am new to Python but I am a convert.  I sat down and 
wrote two medium complexity applications in Python from scratch and 
learning the language in a few days.  If I were to do this in C++ and/or 
Java it would have taken atleast a month (Rember I was also learning the 
Python language).  But, I am sick of the documentation!  I don't really 
use too many Java example applications when I am writing in Java because 
(1.) I have been writting in Java since it was called Oak and 2.) I have 
the JavaDocs that give me a good grounding as to what the 
package/class/function/const is doing).  Is there anythin comperable for 
Python?  It is a shame that the only limitation of a great is 
documentation.  Is there a project that is trying to do this? Am I 
completely off my rocker? Is the Tutorial and Module documentation on enough?  What would it take to develop an JavaDoc like 
repository.  I don't know much about the PyPI but is a requirement 
documentation?  What I think would be cool is a PyPI wiki that is 
dedicated to to documentation.  When a module is submitted it is sent 
through a dog auto-gen that generates wiki pages.  The wiki pages would 
be a reference page(s) (think javadoc), an example code page(s), and a 
tutorial thread page(s).  Just the refrence page would be auto generated 
and the example and tutorial page(s) could be created by the developer 
and/or the community in very wiki like style.  What do y'all think?

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