Jython Debugger?

cmkl cmkleffner at gmx.de
Thu Mar 4 09:21:10 CET 2004

I have very much the same answer. Personally I'm satisfied
with emacs and pdbtrack, but I was asked for a solution
not based on emacs, i.e. based on ddd or insight or the like.


max khesin <max at NcOviSsPiAoMntech.com> wrote in message news:<5wm1c.7283$Wo2.2455 at twister.nyc.rr.com>...
> (Un) fortunately the new folk (me) have not fallen for emacs (yet).
> Skip Montanaro wrote:
> >     Carl> I'm still looking for a real graphically debugger though.
> > 
> > What visual features do you want that an X/Emacs+gdb+python-mode+pdbtrack
> > can't give you?
> > 
> > Skip
> >

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