Python & the job market

Skip Montanaro skip at
Sun Mar 14 02:13:28 CET 2004

    kbass> I am starting to learn Python but I want to know how the job
    kbass> market looks for programming using Python. 

Better than a year ago.  I don't know what it is in overall numbers, but
it definitely seems to be growing.

    kbass> I really don't see many jobs (probably one or two) that require
    kbass> Python experience at all. 

Have you checked out

and the job sites it refers to?

    kbass> Most DBA and SA positions that I have seen require Perl and most
    kbass> development position require Java or C++ ...

This is not surprising.  These languages all have larger installed bases
than Python.

    kbass> ... so how can learning Python benefit my career if there are
    kbass> little to no chance that an employer will require the use of
    kbass> Python or consider using Python over other programming languages
    kbass> such as Java?

A fair number of us have figured out ways to do that.  Here are some

    * Get a job which is nominally not a programming position (say, sys
      admin).  For the little bits and pieces you wind up writing to do your
      job better use Python, then make them available to your fellow sys

    * Infiltrate a job for which another programming language is "required".
      Then start looking here 

      for ways to convince your colleagues that Python might be a better
      choice for some things.

    * Hang out your shingle as an independent consultant.

    * Got some good ideas and some good skills?  Check out Mark
      Shuttleworth's bounties page:

You have to be a bit more patient and creative, but it's definitely


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