ftplib - uploading files using transfercmd?

Stewart Midwinter stewart at midwinter.ca
Fri Mar 19 15:24:13 CET 2004

Kevin Ollivier <kevino at tulane.edu> wrote in message news:<ti7l50tfm3k5dmu11q9sfui1q8e85mav1h at 4ax.com>...
> The first file uploads just fine, but on the second file I'm
> consistently seeing a weird problem where the response to the PORT
> command (sent by self.makeport()) comes *after* the STOR command is
> sent. 

Kevin, when you make a socket connection to the server, are you used
blocking or non-blocking?   A blocking connection won't proceed until
it gets a response, while the non-blocking will - and perhaps your
problem lies there.  your 2nd command gets a response before the first
one comes back.

Does indeed your problem only happen at the beginning, or can it
happen anywhere in your list of files?


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