ZODB for beginners - the most simple example ?

DH no at sp.am
Sun Mar 28 19:03:25 CEST 2004

Richard Shea wrote:
> Hi - I'm trying to use ZODB but I'm having trouble getting started.
> Can anyone point me at a very simple example ?
> I've had a look at 'ZODB/ZEO Programming Guide'
> (http://zope.org/Wikis/ZODB/FrontPage/guide/node2.html) but although
> it's good stuff it's not clear to me how the pieces of example fit
> together to produce something that works.
> I've also read 'Introduction to the Zope Object Database'
> (http://www.python.org/workshops/2000-01/proceedings/papers/fulton/zodb3.html)
> which has good examples but they rely on a module called 'PTextIndex'
> which (as far as I can see) is not defined anywhere.
> So if anyone could point me at a very, very simple ZODB usage example
> I'd be very grateful (and I should just say that both of the above
> resources are very helpful so thanks to their authors).

You're right, it's hard to find a simple, complete example.  The ZODB 
download doesn't include any examples either.
This article has an example, although it is over 3 years old:

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