3D apps in Python?

Peter Harris scav at blueyonder.co.uk
Wed Mar 24 00:22:57 CET 2004

Chris Herborth wrote:

> A couple of years ago I started writing a simple tile-based game engine 
> (think overhead-view like Ultima V... actually, I was using the sprites 
> from Ultima V as textures :-) entirely in Python.
> It was running at an acceptable speed even on lousy hardware (8MB ATI 
> Rage Mobility-P in my old Pentium II 233MHz laptop).
> I know several commercial games, such as Freedom Force, use Python for 
> scripting, but I'm pretty sure the main engine is entirely C/C++.
I'm messing about with OpenGL at the moment.  The control language
doesn't matter much for performance IMO.  If you cache complex stuff in
display lists, and make liberal use of glDrawArrays() etc, your OpenGL 
implementation is going to be doing all the heavy lifting.

And I do NOT want a long edit-compile-test cycle when I'm working that 
stuff out for the first time. Python, of course, is perfect for exploring.

Peter Harris

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