Python and serverless/flat DBs

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Thu Mar 11 16:17:07 CET 2004

>>>>> Davin <davin at> (D) wrote:

D> Yes, this is Yet Another Rehash. I did try to Google around first, but most
D> of the results I found were somewhat dated. Basicly, I'm interested in
D> putting the commercially permissible "serverless" databases to use. That
D> pretty much limits it to gadfly, ZODB, metakit, and sqlite. (others require
D> licenses in commercial situations - not sure about the license of Firebird
D> either) The following is what I've managed to gather on my own so
D> far...could someone enlighten me further?

Firebird has no problems with its license. You can use it in a commercial
setting without paying anything. And it can be used embedded (serverless).
In fact you can choose whether you want a sever installation (called
superserver) or embedded (called classic). In the embedded case it only
needs a lock manager process running to manage the locks when more than one
process opens the same database. I don't know if you can get rid of the
lock manager process if the database is only accessed from a single
With Firebird you do have all the transaction stuff.
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