setting up a wiki instance

gnarasi gnarasi at
Thu Mar 4 05:13:37 CET 2004

I have installed moin1.2 as root(in /usr/lib and /usr/share dirs.)
It works fine.
  In trying to setup a wiki instance in my home directory(public_html)
I am unable to execute moin.cgi script. I have other .cgi scripts in
/public_html/cgi_bin/ dir.
  For example executing http://localhst/public_html/cgi-bin/my.cgi
Hello, today is: 03/03/04
  When I try moin.cgi instead i have a message that declares that
Mozilla does not know how to handle files of type
moin.cgi is a python script and I am running MandrameLinux9.2
  If I can run moin1.2(FrontPage) as root installed what is hindering
its use as user installed?
                       Thanks for any help.  gnarasi

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