Python as replacement for PHP?

Bruno Desthuilliers bdesth.quelquechose at
Mon Mar 1 00:01:48 CET 2004

Bart Nessux wrote:
>>Bart, could you please back your (strong) assertions with at least one
>>argument ?
>>AFAIK, there is a whole lot of python tools for web developpement
> The OP was comparing Python to PHP, not ZOPE to PHP.
Neither was I. There are *many* much more web developpement tools in 
Python than just Zope.

> PHP by itself is a
> natural Web programming language, Python is not. 

How should I understand 'natural' in this context ?

More seriously : what does 'natural Web programming language' means ?

> Google for dynamic DB
> driven programming tools... how may PHP returns vs Python returns are
> there?

And ? How does this make Python, I quote : "not even close to being 
suited for this task."

>>The only points I see in favor of PHP are :
>>- it's a de facto standard, widely used, widely available, and well
> That's exactly right. That's my point. I meant nothing more.

Ho yes you meant more. I still wait for any serious argument to back 
your claims that "Python is not even close to being suited for this 
task." and that "considering another language " (than PHP) "for this, 
(...) borders on stupidity".


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