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Tue Mar 16 21:16:27 CET 2004

Cameron wrote:
>'Couple of us were just talking about setting up a Tkinter
mailing list and Wiki.  Should we?

Well, it's possible to search on Tkinter in this python-list and find the 
occasional gem, but I can see how some people might be reluctant to bother the 
entire Python list about a detail of Tkinter.  So from that perspective it 
might be useful.

Another benefit to a list and wiki: it should help the learning process. 

I've been studying Tkinter with an eye to using it to protoype new GUI ideas 
for a commercial application we have written in Java (and for my own 
enjoyment, of course!).  My thought is that we could show customers several 
variations on new displays that would take less time to develop in Python than 
just one new display would in Java.   We already use Python for client-server 
communications and a number of other functions, so it's logical to extend its 
use in this way.  (I even wonder whether it might be a good idea to actually 
replace the Java, but that's a topic for another day...). 

I've got a basic GUI set up that opens desired windows, etc.  But I'm at a 
point where I need functionality. For example, I need to be able to fetch 
information from a server and display it in real time in a Tkinter widget.  
And this is where I hit a roadbloack: the Tkinter documentation I've read so 
far (Fredrik Lundh's on-line guide, the book, and some others) talk 
exclusively about how to draw widgets, not how to *use* widgets. 

If the proposed list / wiki addresses those needs, it will certainly be useful 
to *me*, and probably to many others. 

Maybe it will even spur some renewed interest in expanding or extending the 
widget set.


Stewart Midwinter
Calgary, Alberta
stewart 'at' midwinter 'dot' ca

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