Python style guidelines

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Thu Mar 11 13:52:17 CET 2004

Skip Montanaro <skip at> wrote in message news:<mailman.252.1078956580.19534.python-list at>...
> beliavsky> Is there a more recent set of Python style guidelines than
>     beliavsky> PEP 8, "Style Guide for Python Code", by van Rossum and
>     beliavsky> Warsaw, at , which
>     beliavsky> is dated July 5, 2001?
> Is there something missing you think should be there?  There's no particular
> reason a PEP needs to be continually updated.  In particular, notions of
> good Python style haven't changed a lot over the past ten years.
> Skip

I am not qualified to say what should be in Python style guidelines. I
have now read the PEP 8 style guidelines and see that Python versions
up to 2.3 are covered. I think the Post-History date of July 5, 2001
is incorrect and should be updated.

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